Pensions magazine articles - fame at last!

It's been a while since I've had anything published in the pensions press, but two opportunities have come along at once!

I've been invited to write a semi-regular blog for the well-respected Engaged Investor magazine, which is a fantastic resource for trustees, and should be compulsory reading.

I have the greatest respect for lay trustees who give up their time to deal with pension scheme governance, but do wonder if they realise the exposure that they face.

My blog looks at ways in which trustees can strengthen their defences.

The blog can be viewed on the Engaged Investor website by following this link: Trustees! It's time for a new year's resolution or an early spring clean

I have also contributed to an article that will appear in another august pensions publication - Pensions Age. This is about the new Integrated Risk Management regime that the Regulator has introduced.

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